Fear is a typical mental state that substance abuse victims have in various aspects of their life. They can become fearful of their co-workers or their family members who could judge them for their habits. Or they could fear the law’s harsh treatment for those who are grappling with substance abuse. Even during rehab, they can still be afraid of how the treatment will affect them. You can have all these different fears and more if you’re struggling with addiction.

Thankfully, these thoughts aren’t unique to you since they are perfectly normal. These are necessary hurdles that you have to overcome through recovery, which is why you should learn to recognize and move on from it through rehab.

Fear as a coping mechanism

It’s common for people struggling with addiction to go into the cycle of experiencing fear and abusing a substance. Your anxiety can increase your dependence on substances, which is one of the many habits that you will unlearn while in rehab.

Many people think that reducing their substance use can be a frightening experience. With the horror stories about the effects of withdrawal symptoms and relapsing, it’s not surprising that many choose to avoid getting help. However, the first step to recovery is recognizing your fear and looking for natural remedies without your chemical crutch. Doing so will let you see that you can handle and face your problems without abusing a substance for your needs.

Fear as a connection with others

Although rehab is a personal experience, you will also get the chance to interact with other people struggling with substance abuse. First-time patients don’t always open up in fear of negative judgment from others. However, this is precisely why group sessions are crucial for recovery.

By being around people with similar conditions, you won’t have to worry about being alone in your journey. The fear that you have is something that can bring you together with your fellow patients. This will help you open up and be receptive to your new environment while working towards being a better person.

Fear as a motivator to be better

Fear is a state of mind that you have to face, not something that you should avoid. It’s normal to be afraid even while in rehab. Thoughts of whether or not the treatment will work is an irrational fear that you have to overcome. Thankfully, you don’t have to face these alone. Your psychiatrist and fellow patients are there to help you use your fear as a motivator to get better.

One way to forget your fears is to recognize that you should pay attention to the present. Remember that the road to recovery is about taking little steps towards progress. Instead of worrying about the past and the future, focus on your achievements today. Live in the moment, and realize how different you are now from the previous you.


It’s necessary to recognize that fear will always be there, whether you’re in your darkest days or your first few steps towards recovery. Fear is a reminder of what you’re worried about, but it shouldn’t take control of your life. It reduces your capacity and willingness to be your true self, which is why you should work towards conquering it. Remember that it’s not a sign of weakness to be afraid. Instead, take it as an opportunity to ask for help from the right people.

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