For many years, people have shrugged off alcohol as a drug due to its legal status. However, the rise in the numbers of alcoholism is alarming, and these figures are only in America. In the United States alone, there are almost 20 million Americans who suffer from the damaging effects of alcoholism. While this doesn’t receive as much criticism as those who abuse other drugs, many who go through programs like rehabilitation will tell you it is a drug. 

Many people regard alcohol as the worst drug due to its legality. Once a person turns 21 in the United States, they can legally show up to an alcohol store with identification and go crazy. It is notoriously hard to stop drinking, and what was fun in the collegiate level of life quickly goes south due to its abuse. 


Alcohol’s True Impacts


Many do not understand what a drug is, which is why they’re quick to dismiss alcohol as one. Alcohol, for one, impairs cognitive functions when consumed in large amounts. It may kick in as quickly as methamphetamines or ketamine, but it does give insane impairment when consumed in large quantities. 

These drinks are downers, meaning they often do more harm than good because of their effect on mental processes. So many people have had their professional, social, financial, and personal lives affected and damaged by alcoholism, so it is definitely a real thing. 


Family Problems Due to Alcoholism


Alcoholics often turn into different beasts when under the influence. A common issue is that young alcoholics often fight their parents and significant others due to pride. People who suffer from this chronic illness can have it trickle into all sectors of their life. This leaking of toxicity can be extra harmful to those with children in their lives. Parents that are alcoholics often get into fights with their partners, neglect or abuse their children, or even become financially irresponsible. 

When children who are victims of alcoholic parents grow up, they lack many necessary skills due to absenteeism and the lack of a home environment that fostered positivity. Some kids even grow up seeing their parent put into jail due to crimes they commit while under the influence. While some children are lucky enough to have their fathers or mothers go through rehabilitation, many don’t see it until later in life and cannot do much about it. 


What To Do About an Alcoholic Parent


The best way to deal with a parent who has alcoholism is to consult with the closest family member. If you are a child of a parent whom you suspect to be an alcoholic, consult your parent’s siblings, in-laws, your grandparents, and their best friends. It is best not to approach your parent head-on about their alcoholism, as they often will be defensive. 

As much as possible, avoid conflict with your parent. If you are being abused because of alcoholism, take it up with authorities for those under legal age. By seeking professional assistance like a rehabilitation center, this will change your parent’s life, offering them the greatest gift.




Alcoholism is a widespread problem that ruins many lives all over the world. The rise of alcoholics in the United States alone shows us that we have a problem that needs to be stopped immediately. If you know someone who needs help with their alcoholism, drug addiction, or other substance abuse issues, bring them to professionals who know how to help ASAP. 

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