Making the tough decision to check yourself into a treatment facility can be a bothersome thought. Being in rehab can be frightening, especially since it’s an entirely new environment. Nevertheless, you should remember that you’re making this change in your life to be a better person.

Although you generally have to pack light when moving into a facility, there are a few exemptions to this rule. Thankfully, you can bring a few essential items to help you feel at home while in rehab.

Checking into a rehab facility

Feeling comfortable in a new environment is a crucial part of getting better, which is why you should pack the right belongings that can help you adjust while in rehab.

Here are five items you should include in your suitcase as you check in a rehab facility:


List of emergency contacts

It’s unlikely that you can keep your phone or other gadgets while in rehab, so you should keep a physical list of your emergency contacts. Focus on the essential people in your life. They can be your partner, your siblings, your parents, or even your close friends. Even if you’re in rehab, you should still update them about your progress. Make sure to keep the list with you to use it on the limited occasions that you can use the phone.


Extra set of smokes

If you’re a regular smoker, there’s a high chance that you’ll consume more packs in rehab than your typical usage. This is because you’re usually just indoors with plenty of downtime. Although there are meetings, activities, and individual therapy sessions, you’re generally on your own for most of the day. Unless you’re going to rehab for cigarette addiction specifically, you should bring an extra pack to match your smoking preferences while inside the facility.


An old mp3 player

For some people, music calms them during uncomfortable environments. Although rehab facilities forbid devices that can take pictures, send messages, or connect to the internet, old mp3 players can be a smart loophole to take advantage of.


Stack up on alcohol-free toiletries

Facilities consider hand sanitizers, perfumes, and hairsprays as contraband because they contain denatured alcohol. Some people on alcohol detox can drink these products to simulate the feeling of intoxication. Make sure that you bring alcohol-free toiletries so you won’t have to surrender them as you check in the facility.


Set of comfortable clothing

Inside a rehab facility, you’ll mostly stay indoors so you won’t have any use for formal wear or dress shoes. Since you don’t have the option of keeping several wardrobe options, you should stick with what keeps you comfortable. A set of comfy tees, pants, and closed shoes are enough to get you through rehab.

Some patients prefer to use their slippers to stay comfortable and at home during their stay. You don’t always have to dress your best when wandering around the rehab facility. Because of this, you should bring a set of indoor slippers to help you get around without preparing too much. Additionally, some facilities offer different amenities such as gyms and swimming pools, so you should pack exercise and swimming gear if they have these amenities.


Before you start your rehab journey, make sure that you’re ready to embrace your new environment with the things that can make you feel at home. The path to getting sober can be a challenging road ahead. Nevertheless, checking yourself into a rehab facility is one step in the right direction.

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